Rotary Lunch Costs Go to Feeding the Needy!

Due to Covid restrictions the Rotary Club of Geelong like many Rotary Clubs have opted for the Zoom virtual alternative in place of regular face to face lunch meetings. As members do not have to pay for a lunch a request was made to donate the equivalent of attending a Rotary Lunch Meeting to a special fund that will distribute the proceeds to local food charities on a regular basis. This novel method of fund raising has proven to be successful with over $5000 raised in the first 12 weeks of the Rotary year. As with all donations to the Rotary Club of Geelong 100% goes to the designated charity. 
Over recent months the “The Christ Church Meals Program” has benefitted from the Rotary Club. 
The Christ Church Meals Program needs all the assistance it can get. The number of guests attending for breakfast each morning and dinner on Monday and Wednesday is in the high 30-40’s. These
people are the most needy in Geelong with many of them living rough. Some food programs will deliver meals which require reheating in microwaves, but this is not an option for the Christ Church guests as they generally don’t have microwaves. In addition to receiving food the guests receive donated goods such as warm coats, jumpers, gloves and long socks. These items are always in short supply and any donations are gladly received.
Donations of money, usually in the $200-$$300 range, have been falling off over the past six months. Rotary’s continued support of the Program is greatly appreciated as it enables food, which otherwise would not be available for distribution, to be purchased. Items which are purchased by the program for the takeaway meals are:Fruit, mainly bananas and mandarins as they are soft and easy to eat. Apples are also bought for stewing and made into apple crumble and served warm with bought custard which is given to guests in containers with a plastic spoon.Apple slices for dessert. Canned soup, such as chicken & vegetable and winter vegetable.
Lidded Soup containers are also purchased for the takeaway hot soup. Bags with liners for the hot pies, pasties and sausage rolls. These pastry goods are given for dinner and are often donated but at times have to be purchased. Sausages for the sausage sizzle when the weather is suitable. Bread, eggs, cheese, bacon, margarine and milk for takeaway breakfasts. Tea and coffee and lidded takeaway cups. Up & Go a high protein, high fibre drink is given to clients to takeaway. Masks. These are available for guests as required, however most guests wear their own. The organisers of the Program keep an eye on the ‘specials’ and are prudent shoppers.
Nothing is wasted. The aim of the Program is to provide hot nutritious takeaway meals for those people in
most need during the pandemic.
Over the last few months these organisations also received support from the Rotary Club of Geelong:- Geelong Food Relief, St Andrew’s Foodshare, St Mary’s Parish Pantry and Welcome Place.
If you would like to donate to the Rotary Club of Geelong “Feed the Needy” Campaign see below for details.
Bank: Bendigo Bank
Account Name: The Rotary Club of Geelong Inc
BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 169 078 573