A major donation from the Rotary Club of Geelong enabled Samaritan House to proceed with installation of a solar system with battery storage. 
Now operational the system has reduced the power bill by 80% for the December quarter.
This is a fantastic result! Our solar power project has benefits and good outcomes on so many levels. The Board of Samaritan House greatly appreciates the support and involvement of all the people and groups who have made this possible.
A Great Christmas present for Samaritan House Geelong. The GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! Following some teething problems with our Power Retailer, we are finally reaping the rewards of our wonderful Solar Power Installation, so generously funded by Geelong Community Organisations. Although not a full billing period, we expect a quarterly bill in the range of $270 compared to $1452 for the same period last year – a staggering $1180 saving.  Our daily power bill is $3 compared with $16.10 prior to the solar installation.